If I had a dollar for every compliment about my bracelets...

If I had a dollar for everyone who complimented me about these stunning bracelets, who knows how rich I would be! 

I have been wearing beautiful bracelets and necklaces for the past twelve years, since my sister Wendy introduced me to the exquisite beauty and quality of Southern African Jewelry.  In a corporate setting while dealing with clients, employees, employers, people would either stop in the middle of the meeting or pull me aside quietly to tell me how much they liked my bracelets and where did I get them?  While going about my daily life in a mall, the grocery, at church, at the beauty parlor at social functions, you name it, folks would compliment me on my jewelry and ask me, "where did you get them? I’d love to get some”. 

Now you can find them in a wonderful variety of colors and styles on