If I had a dollar for everyone who complimented me about these stunning bracelets, who knows how rich I would be! 

I have been wearing beautiful bracelets and necklaces for the past twelve years, since my sister Wendy introduced me to the exquisite beauty and quality of Southern African Jewelry. In a corporate setting while dealing with clients, employees, employers, people would either stop in the middle of the meeting or pull me aside quietly to tell me how much they liked my bracelets and where did I get them?  While going about my daily life in a mall, the grocery, at church, at the beauty parlor at social functions, you name it, folks would complement me on my jewelry and ask me, "where did you get them? I’d love to get some”. 

Now you can find them in a wonderful variety of colors and styles on  You can also couple them with exquisite necklaces, fun earrings and accessories such as cultural hairbands and sophisticated glass beaded belts.  Today we also have men’s belts and plan to expand our men’s products in the future. 

South African Bracelets is all about the empowerment of women.  We buy our jewelry from women, it is made by women who are solely dependent on its sale for their livelihood.  All our jewelry is handmade and chosen for its beauty and quality. 

Our Jewelry and accessories can be great gifts for women and for men.  Our bracelets are distinctive and beautiful to wear, and they also have cultural significance. For example, jewelry may indicate an individual’s wealth, power, and their standing in society.   They also can express your hopes and dreams.  The materials used range from gold and silver to sea shells and glass beads.

 We plan to use our blog to tell you more about the jewelry, the women who make it and the difference that we have made in their lives by giving them this outlet to sell their products.

We also want to feature you, so please continue to send us your pictures wearing our jewelry.

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 Wear our jewelry with joy!

Audra E. Ryan-Jones

Founder, CEO

AWJ Group Inc.